Empuria Beach Cafe

Lounge Bar & Pizzeria

Set near the beach of Empuriabrava, this lounge bar offers fabulous views

About Lounge Bar

A chic, relaxed, but vibrant gathering spot designed for socialising, sipping cocktails and craft pizza.

A space to collect moments and enjoy one of the true experiences of life: the simplicity of a sunset, a diverse menu, good music and the friendliness host of our employees.

Wholehearted hospitality is something that runs in our genes and thus defines the lounge bar entire operation with the purpose of making our guests feel welcome, pampered and most of all happy, throughout their stay.

From the high service standards guarantee to the maximum comfort, we also seek to provide our customers a full experience.

Make your stay a romantic experience

For wedding anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions or simply because you love it, we will be happy to arrange tailor made events such as dinners or nice surprises!


Empuriabrava beach is an unspoiled paradise, the clean and shallow water, the soft sand, and the silent atmosphere will bring you every satisfaction. Empuriabrava is the largest residential marina in the world, an unusual town in Costa Brava. Its development started around the late 1970s when a group of visionaries dreamed of building large, comfortable, and luxurious houses throughout the town

If you have enough for the beach and outdoor activities, then take a trip through the centuries-old town Castelló d’ Empuries. It is home to well-preserved historical buildings.